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The Nordic Africa Podcast: Nigeria Elections: “There is a lot of hunger and anger”

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Date • 7 Feb 2023

A new episode of the Nordic Africa Podcast on the Nigeria Elections: “There is a lot of hunger and anger”.


On the 25th of February, Nigerians will head to the polls to choose a successor to incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari. These elections are arguably the most important on the continent this year. Even though Africa’s biggest economy has gone through tumultuous times due to complex security crises and a struggling economy, it is still a major influence on the continent.

“There is a lot of hunger and anger, but whether that has developed into constructive movement that can be the basis of far-reaching change is another thing,” says Victor Adetula, professor at the University of Jos, when asked what a victory for the Labour Party's candidate Peter Obi would mean.

Who is likely to win these elections and what will it mean for Nigeria’s future and for its young voters, 40 per cent of whom are under 35 years of age and ready for change? In this episode of the Nordic Africa Podcast, we explore these questions together with professor Kwesi Aning, director of the faculty of academic affairs and research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana, and Victor Adetula, professor of international relations and development studies at the University of Jos in Nigeria.

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