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Librarian Kalle Laajala holds up a laptop computer with the Oxford Bibliographies database for academic articles.

Databases such Oxford Bibliographies provide a good first step for exploring academic topics, explains NAI librarian Kalle Laajala. Photo: Mattias Sköld

Date • 3 Feb 2022

Oxford Bibliographies, Oxford Research Encyclopedias and are three of the study tools on Africa research the NAI Library is making available to Nordic users as it expands its remote access service.

The NAI Library has added two databases from Oxford University Press to its collection of e-resources. They serve as pathways into different academic topics. Oxford Bibliographies contains peer-reviewed articles on African studies and geography, and Oxford Research Encyclopedias has summaries of African history.

Both tools can be useful for students as well as experienced researchers, says NAI librarian Kalle Laajala.

“These databases provide a good first step for exploring an academic topic. Not only students but also senior scholars entering new academic territory are likely to find them interesting.” provides a similar window onto the world of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities. The NAI Library subscribes to a journal package on African & Middle Eastern Studies consisting of more than 20 titles.

The new remote access service is already up and running. The NAI Library is making it available for students and scholars at Nordic universities and higher education institutes. Users will be able to log on to the service free of charge by registering External link, opens in new window. with their institutional email address. Old users of NAI’s remote services will need to re-register in order to start using the new tools.

The service is currently only available for users in the Nordic countries due to licensing rights. The institute may open the service for more users in the future, depending on negotiations with suppliers.

TEXT: Mattias Sköld