The Nordic Africa Institute


Northern Africa and the Sub-Saharan – Parallel Worlds or Pan-African Sisters?

Time • 30 Jan 2017 12:00 - 17:00
Place • The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden.

To face challenges like terrorism, climate change and armed conflicts, the heads of states in the African Union have frequently emphasized that Africa’s countries must act as one. But just how unified is Africa today? The Nordic Africa Institute invites you to explore this question.

For invited participants only.

Critical exclusionists say that North Africa belongs to the Arab hemisphere, while inclusionary Pan-Africanists say that North Africa and the Sub-Saharan are one, and that peace and security cannot exist unless they are brought together.

In a half-day seminar at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, we will bring forward perspectives from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Libya. How do these countries see the security challenges on the African continent and how does the continent see North Africa?

The seminar gathers policymakers, researchers and other experts specialised in African power-politics, peace operations, regional cooperation, water management, urban development, anti-terrorism and food security.