African migration and the mediterranean crisis

Thursday 20 September, 14:30-16:00 Room IX, University Hall, Biskopsgatan 3

Since the 2015 European refugee crisis, irregular migration across the Mediterranean Sea has become central to EU immigration policy, and as a topic of wider debates and concerns regarding the governance of migration and mobility.

Welcome to a roundtable that reflects on the prospects for and implications of the current efforts at articulating a global agreement for the governance of international migration.

In December, Morocco will host the concluding session of the UN-lead consultations towards a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. Panellists will include academic researchers and policy analysts, representing both African and European perspectives on this complex issue. After the opening round of remarks from the panellists, we will invite the political representatives of different political parties in Sweden with particular responsibilities on migration policies to share their thoughts, comments, or questions, before engaging the audience in the discussion.

  • Ahmed Skim, Director of Migration Affairs, Moroccan Government
  • Kristof Tamas, Director, Swedish Migration Studies Delegation (DELMI)
  • María Hernández Carretero, Social Anthropologist, University of Oslo
  • Chair: Jesper Bjarnesen, Senior Researcher, the Nordic Africa Institute

This seminar is co-arranged by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Nordic Africa Institute

Decolonisation and social media

Friday 21 September, 14:30-16:00 room IV, University Hall, Biskopsgatan 3

Global academia, and African Studies in particular, are in the midst of a new wave of debates and interventions calling for the decolonisation of academic disciplines, school curricula and university structures.

South Africa’s #RhodesMustFall movement was not only one of the trailblazers in this most recent mobilisation against the persistent inequalities and prejudice in African and Africanist higher education – it also demonstrated the power and potential of social media as a platform for social and political mobilisation.

This roundtable considers the sustained calls for the decolonisation of African(ist) academia, with particular attention on the roles and potential of social media.

  • Patience Mususa, Senior Researcher, the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Henning Melber, Senior Research Associate, the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Robtel Neajai Pailey, Academic, Activist and Author, University of Oxford
  • Francis Nyamnjoh, Writer and Professor, University of Cape Town
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