Panel 43

Nordic Africanists building networks for research

Panel organiser: NARN, The Nordic Africa Research Network.

Historically, Nordic countries have had many similarities in their economic, social and political relations to Africa today that could be fruitfully drawn upon through collaboration. The Nordic Africa Research Network (NARN) argues that all Nordic countries ought to set aside considerably more resources in the years to come for African Studies to meet the demand both for more national competence in the analysis of conditions and dynamics in Africa and for research co-operation with African and European scholars both within the broad framework of AEGIS (the European African Studies association) and in relation to African based research initiatives.

This panel has as its aim to generate a discussion among researchers on relevant Africa-focused research topics for Nordic research networks and wider collaboration. As an inspiration for such a discussion, NARN has completed an initial mapping of research on Africa within social science and humanities in the Nordic countries, covering about 660 researchers who have been active during the last ten year period.

The NARN panel, to be moderated by a NARN board member, will include a presentation of the above-mentioned Nordic-based Africa research data base, an introduction to the Nordic research facilities NOS-HS and NOS-HP by Dr. Kim von Hackwitz (Swedish Research Council), an overview of Africa-related European research collaboration within AEGIS by Prof. Amanda Hammar (NARN and AEGIS board member), and a presentation of one or two ongoing active research collaboration projects (to be decided).

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