Panel  title/Link to panel page Panel organiser/s
1. Gender and new forms of violence in Africa Victor Adetula
2. Gender and health in African contexts Beth Maina Ahlberg, Anne Kubai
3. Thinking beyond colonial concepts of gender/sexuality Signe Arnfred
4. Leadership and innovation 2030: Gender empowerment for sustainable futures in Africa J.M. Atibila,
I. Tshabangu
5. Negotiation, contestation, collaboration: Sudanese women under the state's Civilizational Project Lamya Badri
6. Agrarian questions and large-scale land investments in Africa: What lessons for the SDG? Atakilte Beyene
7. African spring? Jesper Bjarnesen
8. Equal rights but not quite: subalterns’ experiences and perceptions of gender equality policies and programs in Africa Ilaria Buscaglia, Asasira Simon Rwabyoma
9. African women’s movements designing visions for change

Antje Daniel, Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel

10. Gender at the cutting edge: ICTs, social media and social change in East Africa Ylva Ekström, Hilda Arntsen

The quest for fair political participation and representation: African women in national Parliaments

Veronica Federico

Women and nation building in Portuguese speaking African countries: Contributions for a theoretical reflexion

Patrícia Godinho Gomes, Isabel Maria Casimiro
14. Gender, sexuality and violence during and after humanitarian crises Rachel Gordon

The ebola epidemic in West Africa: Caregivers’ disease and game changer

Geir Gunnlaugsson

Gender research and gender-responsive methodologies

Erla Hlín Hjálmarsdóttir, Pétur Waldorff

Gender socialization in rural South Africa

Dipane Hlalele

Social media and mobile communications: Gender identities in Sub-Saharan Africa in transition

Lusike Lynete Mukhongo, Joyce Omwoha
20. The other side of masculinity and mass violence : Examining non-combatant, conflict-affected men in Africa Rose Løvgren

Chronic violence and non-conventional armed conflict in Africa: Unlocking complex dimensions of human security

Sylvester B. Maphosa

We must all be feminists: Confronting feminisms from African point of view

Catarina Martins

Exploring gender relations and rural women's livelihoods in times of change: what's beyond the focus on “women's economic empowerment”?

Cecilia Navarra, Roberta Pellizzoli

Revisiting  language and gender in African settings

Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju
27. Including the voice of women in educational development Suzanne Adhiambo Puhakka
28. Gender, sex and race in research and pedagogical practices with young people in and between Finland and South Africa: Transnational reflections on the politics of knowledge/praxis Tamara Shefer, Jeff Hearn
30. Poverty and gender in Sub-Saharan Africa Laura Stark

Legitimacy, family and political power in East Africa, c1800-present

Rachel Taylor
32. Urban change and shifting gender dynamics in Africa Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues, Annika Teppo, Patience Mususa

Serendipitous infrastructures: intended and unintended outcomes

Eric Trovalla, Ulrika Trovalla, María José Zapata, Patrik Zapata

Health, politics and culture in Africa

Eren Zink
37. European mobility towards Africa : Power, identities and post-colonial encounters Lisa Åkesson, Carolina Cardoso
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