The Nordic Africa Institute

Consult a librarian

Need help with information searching on Africa? Book one of our librarians for a 30 minute consultation.

Consultations are only available during our regular opening hours. We need your booking 5 days in advance. The service also caters to students with special needs.

Consultations can be carried out in a group if there are others who share your area of interest.

During a half-hour appointment you will receive an introduction to the library, assistance in finding the best keywords for your information search, or advice on the most useful internet sources.

We need this information when you book:

  • Name and contact info. So we can reach you and confirm the booking.
  • Your research topic and your help needs. So we can prepare.
  • How many are coming. So we can allocate our resources better.
  • Date and time. When do you want to come? Give a few alternatives.


Would it suffice to receive help via e-mail?