Remote access

Normally you need to be at the NAI premises to access the library's licensed resources. We can however give access to a few resources for external users at Nordic higher educational institutions.

How to

  • Available resources listed below.
  • Apply by reading the terms and filling out the form.
  • Use your institutional e-mail address (or tell us if you don't have such).
  • We'll e-mail you back as soon as possible.

AfricaLit Plus — always searchable

Remember: basic searching in our main search tool AfricaLit Plus requires no applying or logging in.

Books from us can then be ordered as interlibrary loans in the Nordics — through your local library.

Resources available remotely 📡

  1. Africa-Wide Information (🔓automatic access at NAI)
    Combination of several databases with info on all aspects of Africa from the 19th century to the present.
    Detailed info about this resource on EBSCO website.
  2. African News Agency (🔓automatic access at NAI)
    Full-text news reports covering South African and African news, approx. 1998 onwards.
    (Formerly known as South African Press Association, SAPA.)
    Detailed info about this resource on Sabinet website.
  3. African Writers Series (🔓automatic access at NAI)
    Online edition of modern African literature (fiction) in full text.
    Detailed info about this resource on AWS website.
  4. EiU Country Reports (🔓automatic access at NAI)
    Country reports and profiles, provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit (coverage: Africa).
    On the EiU website: General info. Video tutorials, mainly Country Report and Country Forecast.
  5. SA Media (🔓automatic access at NAI)
    Covers 120+ South African newspapers/periodicals 1978 onwards. Articles are indexed in Afrikaans and English.
    Detailed info about this resource on Sabinet website.


You need to be a researcher, student (or the like) at a Nordic higher educational institution.

Credentials are valid on a year basis, expiring by the end of June. By signing the form below you agree not to transfer credentials to anyone else.

You may apply for renewal of the access by contacting the NAI Library.

NAI Library reserves the right to terminate access to the resources without prior notice.

See our integrity policy for how we process personal data.

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