Moral communities in transforming African cities

NAI library staff has compiled this web dossier in view of the lecture series Moral communities in transforming African cities starting in the spring of 2014.

It is a lecture series with particular emphasis on ongoing political, social and moral upheavals in African cities. More on the lecture series page.

Literature in the library

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Moral communities and their roles in transforming an urban setting is a fairly vague subject from a literature searching perspective. Look for close related subjects as well and combine it with urban or urbanization:

Social participation, civil society, social groups, youth, protest movements, social problem

Browse our holdings of literature by the lecturers: Mattia Fumanti, Filip de Boeck.

Browse Google Scholar lists of publications. Most publications are accessible through your campus: Charlotte Lemanski, Elaine Salo, Jane Parish, Filip De Boeck, Mattia Fumanti

Selected texts

A few selected texts to give some context to the lecture series. At NAI premises you have access to most texts mentioned below. Please check the availability at your campus in case you are at another location.

Boeck, Filip de. "Inhabiting ocular ground: Kinshasa's future in the light of Congo's spectral urban politics." Cultural Anthropology 26.2 (2011): 263-286.

De Boeck, Filip. "Infrastructure: Commentary from Filip De Boeck." Cultural Anthropology 2012. November 26 (2012): Online.

Jensen, Steffen. "The security and development nexus in Cape Town: War on gangs, counterinsurgency and citizenship." Security Dialogue 41.1 (2010): 77-97.

Meih, Paula. "Unsettling insurgency Reflections on women’s insurgent practices in South Africa." Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 5 (2013): pp 70-95

Parish, Jane. "Chasing Celebrity: Akan Witchcraft and New York City." Ethnos 78.2 (2013): 280-300.

Salo, Elaine, et al. "Living our lives on the edge: power, space and sexual orientation in Cape Town townships, South Africa." Sexuality Research and Social Policy 7.4 (2010): 298-309.

Teppo, Annika. "A decent place? Space and morality in a former ‘poor white’suburb." The Prize and the Price: Shaping Sexualities in South Africa (2009): 220-33.

Turok, Ivan. "Resurgent African cities?." Local Economy 28.2 (2013): 139-141.

Previous web dossiers

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Web resources

A selection web resources dealing with moral communities

African futures
A forum exploring protest movements and resistance to authoritarian rule across the African continent, with particular attention to the oft-neglected democratic currents south of the Sahara. The editors are linked to The Social Science Research Council (SSRC), USA,

Urban Africa
Urban Africa is a digital entry point for knowledge sharing, interactive exchange and information dissemination on urbanisation in Africa.

Internet Library Sub-Saharan Africa
The IlissAfrica portal contains links to internet resources among others links to local social movements

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