Darfur, Sudan

The Nordic Africa Institute library staff has compiled this web dossier to coincide with the increased interest in the topic of Darfur, Sudan.

Literature in the library

Use the quick links below to locate titles dealing with topics of interest in the library catalogue, AfricaLit. The lists consist of literature - books and articles - in the form of fiction, non-fiction/factual information and official publications, as well as of other material.

The library suggests the following keywords when searching the library catalogue: Civil war, Emergency relief, Ethnic conflicts, Ethnic relations, Forced migration, Human rights violations, Humanitarian assistance,  Refugees,  War crimes, Darfur, Sudan.

Web links

This is a selection of websites dealing with Darfur, Sudan. Many more items are available online on websites and in discussion forums. These links are found in the link collection A Guide to Africa on the Internet, where more web links to sites related to Sudan can be found.

Crisis in Darfur, Sudan

Web page on Darfur by Human Rights Watch, inl. briefing papers, reports and links to online articles, press releases, letters and more.


Crisis in Darfur, Sudan

In collaboration with Google Earth, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has brought together compelling visual evidence of the destruction in Darfur.


Thomson Reuters Foundation

A resources page from Thomson Reuters that contains latest news, information, statistics and more.  


Sleepless in Sudan. Uncensored, direct from a dazed & confused aid worker in Darfur, Sudan

An aid worker diary from Darfur, Sudan, during the period June 2005 - February 2006: real stories, random observations and links to online articles and websites.


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Selected online articles and reports

"The International Response to Darfur" is a report from a seminar arranged on 9 April 2008 by the Spanish think-tank FRIDE. Can be downloaded at http://www.fride.org/publication/416/the-international-response-to-darfur.

"What to do about Darfur" by Nicholas D. Kristof, http://www.nybooks.com/articles/22771
In: The New York Review of Books, 2 July 2009.

"Perspectives on the crisis in Darfur" by Øystein H. Rolandsen,
In: NEWS from the Nordic Africa Institute, October 2004. Download a fulltext copy from the publication database DiVA.

Latest articles on the conflict in Darfur from different news sources, http://news.google.com/
In: Google News.

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