China in Africa 2011

The Nordic Africa Institute library staff has compiled this web dossier to coincide with the expansion of China in Africa south of Sahara.

Literature in the library

Use the quick links below to locate titles dealing with topics of interest in the library catalogue, AfricaLit. The lists consist of literature - books and articles - in the form of fiction, non-fiction/factual information and official publications, as well as of other material.

Useful keywords

The library suggests the following keywords when searching the library catalogue:

economic cooperation, foreign policy, foreign relations, globalization, international economic relations, international economy, international trade, investment, natural resources, partnership, peaceful coexistence, south south relations.

Web links

This is a selection of websites dealing with China in Africa. Many more items are available online on websites and in discussion forums. More links related to this topic are found in the link collection A Guide to Africa on the Internet.

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS)

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at Stellenbosch University is the leading African research institution for innovative & policy relevant analysis of the relations between China and Africa.

General country reports

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)

The DHS program provides data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition with country specific surveys.

Web Publications 2009 -







Journal articles available from subscribed e-journals 2007-


"Knocking on a wide-open door : Chinese investment in Africa" by Kragelund, P [Peter].
Source: Review of African Political Economy no 122, Dec 2009, p 479-497


"China & the contradictions of 'non-interference' in Sudan" by Daniel Large.
Source: Review of African Political Economy vol. 35, no. 115, p. 93-106, 200.

"China and the changing context of development in Sudan" by Daniel Large.
Source: Development v 50, no 3, Sep 2007, p 57-62.

"China's ventures in Africa" by Kwesi [Emmanuel Kwesi Aning] Aning and D [Delphine] Lecoutre.
Source: African Security Review Vol. 17, Iss 1 ; Mar, Part 2, 2008.


"From formal-to informal-sector employment : examining the Chinese presence in Zambia". Contributors: A W [Aleksandra W] Gadzala.
Source: Review of African Political Economy, no 123, Mar 2010, p 41-59.

"An Asian-Driven Economic Recovery in Africa? The Zambian Case". Author: Padraig Carmody.
Source: World Development, July 2009, v. 37, iss. 7, pp. 1197-1207.


"East Asia and Its Potentials in Boosting Economic Growth in Developing Economies: The Case of Africa", by Jean-Claude Maswana.
Source: International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 2010, v. 2, iss. 6, pp. 479-93.

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