Official documents from Africa

We have acquired African official documents since 1962, first in print and later also electronically.

We use the terms official documents, government publications and government documents synonymously.

Official documents in the NAI library

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The keyword we add to this material is official documents. Use it in combination with other search terms.
A small number of older official documents are uncatalogued and not found through AfricaLit Plus.

Find official documents on the Internet

A starting point to web sites with various official documents is our link collection A Guide to Africa on the Internet. Direct links to three categories of such links:

Searching on a specific topic, it is a good idea to try to think of which ministry may cover that area, and to look up their website directly. Quite often the main government website/portal has links to all ministries.

What are official documents?

Official documents, or government publications, comprise all publications produced under the official auspices of legislative bodies, decision-making and judicial organs, civil service departments, courts of law, independent institutions, committees, people in authority, etc.

These publications are essential to social scientific studies on Africa as they are principle information sources for economic, legal, government and political data and are considered to be scientific tools of lasting value. There are

  • constitutions,
  • censuses,
  • development plans,
  • budgets,
  • economic reports,
  • diverse statistics, and
  • much more.

Authorities with the important task of disseminating basic decision-making data are choosing with greater frequency to make their official documents available on the internet. The range, however, is still uneven, and while some states offer a rich collection of official documents in full text, there are other countries that supply only a limited number of official documents in summarized form.

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