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A small selection of photos can be found here. They haven’t been chosen for any specific reason but because they show some aspects of the Nordic support to the liberation struggle. In some cases the photographer has donated the material to the Nordic Africa Institute in order to safeguard the documentation. In other cases we do not know the photographer but we want to show an event, a meeting or a period in time that collectively paint the picture of liberation.

The pictures give an image to the archives. They illustrate the demonstrations and boycotts which were arranged; they give a face to the people who actively worked for a change in Africa.

The archival indexes of some organisations list photos found in the various repositories. In the cases these have been scanned, the indexed photos can be found in the database, under each archival post. For instance, there are photo archives to be found with Bread and Fishes archives and Isolate South Africa Committee (ISAC) archives.

Please acknowledge the Nordic Africa Institute and the photographer (when indicated) + organisation if you use photos from this website, in the format
Photo credits: Photographer Name, Organisation, via the Nordic Africa Institute