The Nordic Africa Institute


A small selection of photos can be found here. The photos which all originate from the listed archives on the website, were scanned and in some cases donated to Nordic Africa Institute during the project. The photos show events, meetings or a period in time that collectively paint the picture of liberation struggles and the connected solidarity movements in the Nordic countries.

The photos give an image to the archives. They illustrate the demonstrations and boycotts which were arranged; they give a face to the people who actively worked for a change in Africa. During 2022-2023, photographers have been contacted for under Creative Commons (CC) licensing and under each organisation, photographs have been released under CC licence CC BY. On the website, the photographs are in jpeg-format. Some of them are also available in tiff-format. For ordering, please contact the library

If you use photos

Please acknowledge the Nordic Africa Institute and the photographer (when indicated) + organisation if you use photos from this website. Detailed information of the photographs can be found under each organisation. Please use below format when citing:

  • Photo credits: Photographer Name, Organisation, via the Nordic Africa Institute