Information resources

We provide access to many resources in electronic and printed format, supporting research and studies on Africa.

AfricaLit Plus (our main search tool)

With AfricaLit Plus you can search major parts of our collections: books, journals, articles, reports, official documents, films, music etc. — but also lots of Africa-related external material we've selected. Several search options. Use keywords in English.

Hint! Interlibrary loans from us are possible within the Nordic countries, via your local library.

A Guide to Africa on the Internet (our link collection)

With Guide to Africa on the Internet we've selected and collected links to free, Africa-related online resources. Research-focused. Categorized by geography and subject. Links to official websites, brief facts, statistics, news media etc.

Tips! Use English keywords when searching the Guide.

Journals and articles

We keep a large selection of journals, in print and e-version, mainly within social sciences and some humanities topics, all of them Africa-focused. Online versions of newspapers etc. can be found via A Guide to Africa on the Internet. These quite often have article archives to browse and search.

Tips! Check with you local library what e-resources and journals the provide access to.


We provide access to a selection of databses, some of them with references only, some of them with the complete full texts.

Studying Africa

The book Studying Africa is compiled and published by NAI. It is a guide to African studies, primarily within social sciences. Guidance and other support for literature and fact searches. Free to download.

Other library catalogues

Literature not found in our collections may be found in other libraries. Start by searching LIBRIS. We've also listed library catalogues in the Nordics and beyond.

Tips! If you'd like to borrow a book from another library, please contact you local library. We do interlibrary loans for NAI staff only.

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