Price list

Costs for printing/copying

Prices per printed/copied page in SEK.

Paper A4 b&w A4 colour A3 b&w A3 colour
Uppsala university students single-sided 0,40 0,80 0,70 0,60
two-sided 0,30 0,70 0,60 1,40
External users with coupon / Payex account single-sided 2 4 3,50 8
two-sided 1,50 3,50 3 7
Item Price
Article copies - interlibrary loans  
- The fee for an article copy includes 40 pages.
- Articles over 40 pages are charged a double fee.
Public financied libraries and non-profit organizations in Finland/Iceland/Sweden Per article:
50 SEK
Others (companies, private persons, public financed libraries and non-profit organizations in Denmark/Norway/other countries) Per article:
150 SEK
Express service
- Delivered by fax within a day.
Per article:
+ 100 SEK
Information services  
Company clients
- For work in excess of 15 minutes at an hourly rate.
600 SEK/hour
Miscellaneous prices  
Fee for lost or non-returned items 450 SEK/item
Plastic bag Free
Valid from 25 November 2015  
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