Loan rules

Updated 2019-06-27

Everyone who lives in any of the Nordic countries and who can identify himself/herself has the right to borrow material from the library. Other borrowers are kindly asked to contact the library staff. All material borrowed from the library is meant for use within the Nordic countries only and cannot be taken on a journey to another country. Before a trip/ absence of more than 30 days (guaranteed loan period) the books must be returned. Anyone who disregards the library regulations may be barred from using the Library. Decision about suspension is made by the Chief Librarian. The decision may be appealed to the Director of the Institute. These loan rules may be modified during the contractual period. How NAI processes your personal data is explained in the integrity policy on the institute website.


  • Binds himself/herself to follow the library loan rules and agrees to keep himself or herself informed of changes of these. Changes are displayed in the library.
  • Is personally responsible for his/hers book loans.
  • Cannot transfer book loans to another borrower.
  • Is responsible for returning all the borrowed material at all times.
  • Must notify the library of change of address.
  • Is responsible for presenting the borrowed material at the request of the library staff.
  • Must treat the library material with care. Any damaging of the material is forbidden.
  • Is responsible for compensating for lost or damaged material.
  • Has to update address changes.                         


  • The applicant must identify him/herself with an identification card.
  • Library card is NAI’s own library card or an Uppsala University access card. 
  • The library card should be regarded as a document of value. Loss of card should be reported to the library.
  • The library card is normally valid 4 years, but can be renewed. Accounts are automatically deleted 1 year past expiration date.


  • All media of the library may be borrowed, except periodicals, government publications, reference material and folios.
  • Loans are made by either library card or identity card. 
  • There is a limit of 30 book loans. Researchers and post-graduate students are excepted from this rule.
  • There is a limit of 2 dvds/cds per borrower.
  • The library does not affect interlibrary loans.


  • 150 days for researchers and post-graduate students, of which 30 days is a  guaranteed loan period. (The book can be claimed if another borrower reserves the book).
  • 30 days for other borrowers.
  • Can in some cases be limited.
  • Book loans may be renewed twice if another borrower has not requested the book.
  • 7 days for dvds/cds. 

RECALLS AND BILLS             

  • Library material which is overdue, will be claimed by the library.
  • The first and the second reminders are sent by e-mail or by regular mail.
  • The third reminder, an invoice is sent by regular mail. The book is then regarded as lost and the borrower must compensate for it.
  • The invoice which amounts to 500 Swedish kronor per book (the value of the book(s) + an administrative fee).  
  • With the third reminder, the borrower’s borrowing rights are suspended.
  • The suspension continues until the invoice is paid or the material is returned.

Secrecy rules

According to the Swedish law, information about a borrower’s book loans, orders and reservations is confidential, Sekretesslagen 9 kap. 22 § (SFS 1980:100, 1989:713).

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