10 reasons to keep your eyes on Africa in 2019

Key topics.A trade deal in Kigali, a tarnished victory in Harare, and rocket-speed reforms in Addis made global headlines in 2018. But what’s on the plate for 2019? We list ten issues to keep track of in the year to come.

Colonial structures persist within academia

Education. “Colonialist structures still shape education, starting from primary school,” says NAI researcher Henning Melber who took part in a roundtable discussion about the importance of the #RhodesMustFall movement and the continued decolonisation of the...

Tax on imports to pay for African peacekeeping missions

Security. The African Union intends to increase its influence over conflict-handling in Africa by paying for a larger share of the peacekeeping costs. A proposal for funding from the AU reforms committee is to tax member states' imports from other continents.

Can Uganda use high fertility rates to tackle extreme poverty?

Poverty reduction. Rapid population growth is a concern for sub-Saharan countries battling extreme poverty. However, with the right focus on education, healthcare and economic transformation states such as Uganda could capitalise on the high fertility rates of the last...

Freedoms under attack in East Africa

Human rights. There is democratic progress in many African countries, but we also see increasing threats against journalists, researchers and civil society. A panel at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights discussed the worrying signs of shrinking democratic space in...

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