Civili Rule

Anthropologist Mats Utas is a member of Civili and has filmed and taken pictures of Civili between 2004-2007.
Street carnivals are intimate parts of Freetown's vibrant street life. Many of these carnivals are organized by local organizations around a so called “devil”, or a masked dancer. During many holidays devil parades move through the city in large numbers. Civili is one of the most prominent “devils” in current Freetown and has its roots in the celebration of the 1968 handing over of power from military to civilian rule – where “back to civili rule” was the motto. Civili is a membership based organization based in a poor urban slum area in central Freetown. In addition to organizing the Civili parade once a year on the Sierra Leonean Independence Day the organization is also important for organizing everyday life in the area taking a social responsibility where the state has failed.

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