Beyene, Atakilte, Senior Researcher

Subject areas: Governance of Natural Resources, Agricultural Transformation, and Food and Energy Security in Africa
Geographical areas: Horn of Africa (Ethiopia) and Eastern Africa (Tanzaia)

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NAI associates

Ingunn Klepsvik

Ingunn Klepsvik has a degree in English and in Sociology from The University of Oslo, and has been working for The Norwegian Agency for International Development (Norad) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1982. She has served as ambassador in Nicaragua 1996-2001, Venezuela 2009- 2010, Tanzania 2010-2014 and The East African Community 2011- 2014. Ambassador Klepsvik was also Assistant Director General in Norad from 2006 -2009. She has served as coach and mentor to persons undertaking demanding challenges in their careers. Klepsvik has a particular interest in issues related to the economic independence, illicit financial flow  and issues of governance and transparency. The relevance of the Nordic experience and its place in a quickly changing global power structure is of particular interest to Klepsvik.
Contact: ingunn.klepsvik@yahoo.com

Anders Oljelund

Anders Oljelund has a degree in Political Science from the University of Lund. He Joined the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) in 1967 and has had various positions within the MFA. He was also Ambassador to Tanzania in 1989-92 and Head of Permanent Mission of Sweden to NATO, Brussels, and Ambassador to Belgium 1998. After his retirement he has worked as Adviser to the Swedish Ministry of Justice during the Swedish Presidency of the EU in 2009. Author and co-author of various reports and inquiries for the Swedish MFA and other public institutions in Sweden, among them a study on the relationship between development and security in Afghanistan. Contact: anders.oljelund@telia.com

Associated researcher

Deborah Fahy Bryceson, Extraordinary Professor

Senior Research Associate at NAI

Deborah Bryceson is a well-known Africanist scholar, oft-cited for her pioneering work on the concepts of ‘deagrarianization’ and ‘transnational families’ Having completed her BA and MA degrees in Geography at the University of Dar es Salaam (1972-1978). She obtained a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oxford in 1988. She has served as a Research Consultant for numerous UN agencies over the years, including UNICEF, ILO, UNCTAD, UNU, FAO and the World Bank, as well as for the Tanzanian Government, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the British Department of International Development, DANIDA and CARE International. She has been member of the journal editorial board of Urban Studies and is currently Co-Director of the International Gender Studies centre at the University of Oxford.

Subject areas: livelihoods, artisanal mining, urbanisation, rural-urban linkages, agriculture, deagrarianization, migration, transnational families, gender, transport

Geographical areas: Tanzania

E-mail: dfbryceson@bryceson.net

Website: www.bryceson.net 


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The five oldest publications found searching on Tanzania anywhere in the record.

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Tanzania country information library resources news research
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