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EiU Country Reports - Botswana
Country reports and profiles for each African country, provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Access: at NAI premises or remotely.

SA Media
Database of 3M+ articles within social sciences, politics, economy. Focus on southern Africa.
Access: at NAI premises or remotely.

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NAI associates

Stephen Marr, Senior Lecturer

Research Associate at NAI

Stephen Marr is Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at Malmö University with a PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida. He has previously had teaching appointments in Political Science Departments at Linnaeus University (Växjö, Sweden) and Haverford College (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA).  Steve has also been guest researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute and the Center for Globalization and Development at the University of Gothenburg. Marr has extensive field experience in southern Africa generally, and Botswana in particular, where he conducted dissertation research in Gaborone.


Pekka Peltola, Doctor of Social Sciences

Pekka Peltola has worked in several professions: beginning as news reporter in the Finnish Broadcasting Company and covering the Biafra War for TV and radio in the late 1960´s. He has worked in establishing trade union solidarity work in Finland, which began with a project to help exiled Namibians to build up cadres for trade union work in an independent Namibia, which realized in 1990. SAK helped National Union of Namibian Workers to build a labour school in Kwanza Sul, Angola as a training center. In 1991 he got a scholarship from the Finnish Academy for a doctoral thesis which analysed the role of the Namibian workers in the liberation struggle. In 1995 The Lost May Day was published jointly by Finnish Anthropological Society and NAI, which had helped in planning the research. This led to closer cooperation with NAI, and together with Iina Soiri Peltola wrote the study called Finland and National Liberation of Southern Africa, which was published by NAI in 1999. After retiring from the ministry as a Councellor Peltola joined again the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Helsinki. Contact:

African studies Botswana country information library resources news research
African studies Botswana country information library resources news research
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