NAI experiences

Nora Mehsen

"I had the pleasure of receiving a study scholarship from NAI in 2012, in relation to my master thesis in Criminology on the prevention of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). My stay at the Institute was a very rewarding experience. Academically, I found it highly inspirational to be in an environment dedicated to critical and alternative research on African issues. The guidance I received from Associate Professor Maria Eriksson Baaz was particularly appreciated, due to her seminal work on the complexity of sexual violence in the DRC. The extensive library also contained resources that were of outmost value to my thesis. Additionally, the entire staff was very welcoming, and I enjoyed the many conversations and discussions we had. My stay at NAI was – in other words – a great experience, which not only contributed positively towards my master thesis, but also inspired and supported my professional career."

Nora Mehsen
The Norwegian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Dr. Chidi Nzeadibe

"I visited the prestigious NAI as a guest researcher during the fall of 2013. I utilized the network of my host and my personal contacts to advance my research and academic collaboration in the Nordic region. Some highlights are guest presentations in Department of Geography, NTNU Trondheim and IFS Stockholm as well as participation in the 2nd Nordic Conference for Development Research, Espoo. NAI’s excellent library greatly helped me in preparation of 3 manuscripts which have all been published. I also co-edited a book on Informal waste management in African cities with Dr. Onyanta Adama, and this is expected to be published in 2015. My seminar presentation at NAI received some critical comments which strengthened the manuscript, expediting its acceptance. I tried not to miss the weekly breakfast! I’m happy to be associated with NAI, its wonderful people and its conducive research environment. My visit to the NAI enhanced my profile as an African scholar."

Dr. Chidi Nzeadibe                    
Senior Lecturer
Department of Geography,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka,

Erik Plänitz

"I spent the summer 2013 as study scholarship holder at NAI in Uppsala. The Institute facilitated my Master Thesis research on the effects of oil production on urban communities in Ghana. I really enjoyed the guidance by Marianne Millstein, who opened up new perspectives on the issue and the topic itself. She provided valuable input and we had fruitful discussions on the thesis in general. Having unlimited access to the library of NAI and Uppsala University as well as the opportunity to focus on your thesis for a period of four weeks in a calm and productive environment are positive side effects of the scholarship. Apart from the academic benefits, I deeply appreciated the warm and welcoming atmosphere at NAI. It was a pleasure to meet Inga-Britt, who took care of us, ensured our perfect integration into the Institutes social activities and even tried to improve my Swedish skills with utmost patience. Without hesitation, Marianne was quick to assist and help me after I have left the Institute. Academically and personally, I had a wonderful time in Uppsala and I am grateful for having received the opportunity."
Erik Plänitz
Research assistant
Roskilde University, Denmark

Vicensia Shule

"I had a great time at NAI and Uppsala in general. NAI is a beautiful and peaceful space for any researcher. The library is comprehensive with most of the African literatures and films too. After three months stay, I was happy that my mission to get a place where I can read, write and present my work was successful. I still remember and miss the massage room and playing floor ball every Monday. The good thing is that NAI is strategically positioned in Uppsala, a beautiful city, a place full of fun with people respecting each other regardless of their appearance."

Vicensia Shule (Dr.Phil)
Lecturer and Filmmaker
University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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