Victor Adetula

“I decided early to become an academic. As junior researcher I had a lot of anxiety and youthfulness, I was in haste to make statements in academic platforms and also publish articles in peer-review journals. But experience and interaction with the policy environment and end-users of research activities have calmed me down. The feedbacks and responses from policy makers and other stakeholders helped make my statements more qualified. I realized that the process of knowledge production should be extended beyond the private study of the researcher to the larger society which is indeed the laboratory for social research. For knowledge production to make an impact on society there should not be separation of the ‘gown’ and the ‘town’. If you understand what I mean. What is the purpose of knowledge if it does not add value to the society? The drive can be quite strong among young researchers to engage in knowledge production process for the purpose of advancing their career primarily, which is also linked to the ‘bread and butter’ question. However, this notion of research and its essence restrict the intellectual horizon of the researcher. Research endeavours should not be about the number of published articles only, it should be about promoting humanity.”

Victor Adetula, Head of Research at the Nordic Africa Institute

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