Jesper Bjarnesen

”I was six years old when I moved with my family to a small town in northwestern Zambia, where my father would serve as medical doctor. It was a different world from Copenhagen, for sure. I attended the local school, learned English and wore a school uniform. I was the only white kid among 800 students. Little by little, however, all the things that had seemed exotic became every-day routine. I became part of a group of friends in school and wasn’t much di ... fferent from any other kid. Then, after three years we moved back to Denmark. Soon my life revolved around school and friends in Copenhagen. My childhood in Zambia started to seem distant and for many years I did not give it much thought. In my early twenties, when I got interested in anthropology, the memories from Zambia started coming back to me. What I learned from growing up in Zambia? First and foremost that we as human beings have much more in common than what sets us apart. In my research I have always worked from that point of departure: behind apparent differences, we all share much more than we tend to assume.”

Jesper Bjarnesen, Senior Researcher at NAI

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