Åsa Lund Moberg

I take the bike to work every day all year-round, like a lot of people here. Uppsala is a typical Scandinavian university town in that sense. In winter when roads are slippery people put studded tires on their bike, rather than taking the bus. I was born in Uppsala on Studentvägen, which means “Student road”. My father belongs to a family of reindeer pastoralists in Parkalombolo in the far north of Sweden. He met my mother when she had just graduated from the teacher’s training college. The Swedish government at that time paid two years’ university tuition for teachers who were willing to work in the remote north. My mother agreed to marry my father on one condition: that he get a university diploma. That’s how we ended up on Studentvägen in Uppsala. My father studied economics and my mother decided to further her studies in order to become a subject teacher in biology and geology. We didn’t have a car so me and my twin sister always got to ride with our parents on their bikes. When I was five or six I got my first very own bike. It was much too big. Each morning I would switch bikes with a boy who lived next-door. He was the same age but taller than me. I had a secret crush on him.

Åsa Lund Moberg, Chief Librarian at NAI

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