The Nordic Africa Institute


About internships: guidelines, forms, process and how to apply.

We find it important to contribute in building a skilled workforce and to create employment opportunities within the state and society. Internships with NAI shall also encourage and promote Africa studies. Internships can be placed within all NAIs operational areas, but the largest group of interns are academics doing their internships with the institute’s research unit.

Applications open for internship spring 2024:

No openings right now.

  • Internships as part of the curriculum in an higher education institution. Students seek internships which are coherent with the specific focus of their education.
  • Students who are part of an exchange program, such as Erasmus or similar.
  • Internship in the State. The Swedish government has given the authorities the task to provide internships for certain groups within Sweden. This category of interns has economic compensation from the specific agency requesting the internship.

When accepting an intern the Nordic Africa institute is responsible for:

  • providing a workplace, equipment and other necessary work items
  • appointing a supervisor who carries out the following duties:
    • draws up an internship plan with the tasks to be performed
    • informs about different workplace activities
    • provides practical help and advice on internship tasks
    • maintains active contact during the internship period to ensure that the internship proceeds according to the agreed
    • provides regular supervision and feedback on the performance of duties

The person on internship is responsible for:

  • performing the tasks agreed in the internship plan
  • observing the work hours of NAI unless otherwise agreed
  • observing all applicable rules, guidelines and procedures of NAI that the intern is subject to during the internship

The internship period varies from a month up to a semester on full-time. Financial compensation or other benefits are not paid by NAI for internships. The person on internship is responsible for his/her own accommodation. Internships are not accepted at NAI during the Swedish summer months due to low activity season of the institute.

  1. Applications for internships can be submitted through this link External link, opens in new window.. Please fill out the requested information so we can handle the application properly.
  2. All applications are reviewed by the HR official.
  3. The HR official coordinates the process and contacts the responsible Head of unit where the intern in question could be placed
  4. Heads of units decide whether an internship can be offered. The Head of unit will also appoint a supervisor before the internship is offered.
  5. The HR official informs the applicant and takes care of practical questions such as receiving and inducting the intern to the workplace and informs about the rules and procedures of the Institute.
  6. Heads of units will oversee in coordination with the supervisor e.g. that feedback is given and certificate issued at the end of the internship period.
  7. The HR official will follow-up and provide reports concerning internships programs at NAI when needed.