The Nordic Africa Institute

Marion Ouma

Postdoctoral Researcher


Marion Ouma is a social policy specialist with research expertise in social protection, politics of Africa development, and policymaking processes. Her expertise and experience also include agrarian studies, political economy of digital technologies, design and implementation of social protection policies, policymaking, and advocacy for transformative social policy.

  • Research centres around the dynamics of social policymaking, power, social equity, climate adaptation and social transformation.
  • Research Fellow of the University of South Africa at the South Africa Chair Research Initiative (SARChl) in social policy

Marion Ouma holds a Ph.D. in sociology with a focus on the dynamics of social protection policymaking processes. She is inspired by theories of power, post coloniality, political economy, agrarian studies and globalization.

The focus of Marion’s work has been on the politics of social policymaking in particular that of social protection, agrarian.


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