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    Location: /library/resources/
    Excerpt: text to speach Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa The website of a project initiated by NAI in 2003 and completed in 2009 Liberationafrica se http www ...
  • NORDUnet - Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/2/2s7j3myl/
    Excerpt: ... collaboration between the Nordic countries Denmark Finland Iceland Norway and Sweden national networks for research and education http www nordu net Print NAI 50 ...
  • The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden
    Location: /
    Excerpt: Nordic Africa Institute NAI is a research centre focused on Africa It is jointly financed by the governments of Finland Iceland and Sweden Learn more about our research The Nordic Africa Institute ...
  • Sexual rights – constitution versus tradition
    Location: /news/articles/2016/06/14/113106/
    Excerpt: ... life Read more about the Nordic Africa Days ...
  • SANORD - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/d/a189qmbt/
    Excerpt: ... institutions from all the Nordic countries and southern Africa Its primary aim is to promote multilateral research cooperation on matters of importance to the development of both regions http ...
  • OSAA - Org
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/6/7gr9cexm/
    Excerpt: OSAA promotes international support for peace and development in Africa http www un org en africa osaa Print
  • Price list
    Location: /library/about/prices/
    Excerpt: ... outs from the internet the Nordic Africa Institute library Information resources A Guide to Africa on the Internet Databases Journals Official documents Fiction Web dossiers Other library ...
  • A guide to the pamphlet collection in the Nordic Africa Institute library
    Location: /library/about/collections/pamphlet_collection_eng.pdf
    Excerpt: ... Over the years the Nordic Africa Institute s library has built up a large collection of publications dealing with African countries and issues which until fairly recently had not been ...
  • Loan rules
    Location: /library/about/loanrules/
    Excerpt: ... who lives in any of the Nordic countries and who can identify himself herself has the right to borrow material from the library Other borrowers are kindly asked to contact the library staff All ...
  • Nordiska digitala arkiv
    Location: /library/resources/digital-repositories/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb Här följer ett urval av nordiska digitala fulltextarkiv forskningsdatabasen dk den danske forskningsdatabasen http forskningsbasen deff dk app Doria en tjänst där flera ...
  • NAI and EAC strengthen ties
    Location: /news/articles/2012/01/30/143754/
    Excerpt: ... speach January 30 2012 The Nordic Africa Institute and the East African Community will begin to work more closely together following last week s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding MoU between ...
  • Andra bibliotekskataloger
    Location: /library/resources/catalogues/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb Afrika Bibliotek Arkiv I Afrika söder om Sahara Utvalda Internetkällor av Karen Fung Stanford University Libraries Academic Information Resources http www sul stanford edu depts ...
  • Africanists - Directory
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/8/1v6fwq-x/
    Excerpt: Nordic Africa Institute s directory of researchers in the Nordic countries with an university degree in the social sciences or humanities engaged in research on Africa or relevant for Africa http ...
  • NAI and EAC strengthen ties
    Location: /news/articles/2012/01/30/143754/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 30 januari 2012 Nordiska Afrikainstitutet och Östafrikanska gemenskapen East African Community kommer att inleda ett närmare samarbete Förra veckan undertecknade NAI och EAC ett ...
  • Other library catalogues
    Location: /library/resources/catalogues/
    Excerpt: ... Lists of library catalogues Nordic countries Norway Social studies Sweden WorldCat OCLC library literature publications research Information resources A Guide to Africa on the Internet Databases ...

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