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  • A Guide to Africa on the Internet
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/
    Excerpt: ... library nai uu se A Guide to Africa on the Internet Country studies Africa Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central Africa Central African Republic Chad Comoros ...
  • Regions / countries
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/regions/
    Excerpt: ... text to speach A Guide to Africa on the Internet Africa Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central Africa Central African Republic Chad Comoros Congo Côte d ...
  • AfricaFiles - Ass.
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/s0ntj2d7/
    Excerpt: is a network of people committed to Africa through its promotion of human rights economic justice African perspectives and alternative analyses http www africafiles org Print NAI 50 ...
  • IPS SA - News
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/nj1dzu0k/
    Excerpt: on Africa south of Sahara provided by Inter Press Service News Agency Print ...
  • AHO2 - Swe
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/a/gocswr4z/
    Excerpt: Bilder på 20 av de afrikanska författare som besökte Bokmässan i Göteborg 2010 och som representerar en ny generation afrikanska författare Foto av den svensk moçambikiske fotografen Sérgio Santimano ...
  • BTI - AL
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/xotu20ql/
    Excerpt: In depth country reports evaluating various criteria important for a country s political and economic development from Bertelsmann Stiftung Germany http www bertelsmann transformation index de en bti ...
  • Survival - West Africa
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/9/br25dckw/
    Excerpt: ... and news on tribes in Africa http www survival international org Print NAI 50 ...
  • ICG - Conflicts
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/5/e1htsdm0/
    Excerpt: ... crisisgroup org en regions africa aspx Print NAI 50 ...
  • Wiki - hiv/aids
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/7/ju09stpx/
    Excerpt: ... wikipedia org wiki AIDS in Africa Print NAI 50 ...
  • IISH - labour
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/d/9whaq6r5/
    Excerpt: The collection consists mainly of journals reprints papers press clippings printed and photocopied documents Documents have been arranged by theme or subject according to an existing handwritten list ...
  • Keele Guide
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/5/h4z10mqf/
    Excerpt: ... sources within the topics of African gorvernment and politics provided by The School of Politics International Relations the Environment Keele University http www keele ac uk depts por afbase htm ...
  • NAI's African agenda 2017
    Location: /news/nais-african-agenda-2017/
    Excerpt: ... and progress made on the African continent In 2017 NAI will examine how the African Union under its new Commission Chair Moussa Faki of Chad can work to promote peace on the continent The ...
  • OSAA - Org
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/6/7gr9cexm/
    Excerpt: ... for peace and development in Africa http www un org en africa osaa Print ...
  • UD - Svenska
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/7/dgrt71_i/
    Excerpt: Läs om Sveriges samarbete med omvärlden och om den svenska Afrikapolitiken på Regeringskansliets hemsida Information om olika afrikanska länder och regioner http www regeringen se sveriges regering ...
  • NAIs afrikanska agenda 2017
    Location: /news/nais-african-agenda-2017/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb NAIs oberoende forskning och utåtriktade aktiviteter stödjer beslutsfattare i de nordiska länderna med analys och diskussioner om framsteg och utmaningar på den afrikanska ...

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