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  • West African Research Center
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/3/0gelvzwc/
    Excerpt: de Recherche Ouest Africain Center for academic exchange between American and West African scholars encouraging research on West Africa Located in Dakar Senegal it is the overseas research ...
  • FMSP - Migration
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/a37dn1g2/
    Excerpt: ... and internationally engaged Africa based centre of excellence for research and teaching that shapes global discourse on human mobility development and social transformation http www migration org za ...
  • ARI - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/7/yat8p6rl/
    Excerpt: Research Institute aims to reflect understand and build on the dynamism in Africa today A London based think tank that is strictly non partisan Publications as downloads http ...
  • RMCA - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/b/zsiowqy3/
    Excerpt: Royal Museum for Central Africa RMCA is a scientific research institute dedicated to Africa in the fields of cultural anthropology zoology geology history and agriculture and forest economy http ...
  • Endangered Archives Programme - History
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/fhi8zkly/
    Excerpt: ... years and quite a few cover Africa http eap bl uk Print NAI 50 ...
  • Saharan Studies Association
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/b/qtcwni01/
    Excerpt: ... with the North American African Studies Association http ssa asu edu Print NAI 50 ...
  • EARN - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/g_0ox673/
    Excerpt: is a network of African and European Policy Research Institutes aiming to contribute to the EU Africa Policy Dialogue EARN intends to bring added value on pooling and fostering policy research ...
  • American Institute for Maghrib Studies
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/b/763z92xy/
    Excerpt: ... research in North Africa encouraging the exchange between American and North African scholars http aimsnorthafrica org Print NAI 50 ...
  • AISA - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/1/9tjf32uh/
    Excerpt: ... issues in contemporary Africa Pretoria South Africa http www ai org za Print NAI 50 ...
  • Journals
    Location: /library/resources/journals/
    Excerpt: ... humanities All focused on Africa Our periodical collection starts at the beginning of the 1960s and reflects the political and social development in Africa over the following decades Jump directly ...
  • NAI and EAC strengthen ties
    Location: /news/articles/2012/01/30/143754/
    Excerpt: ... gemenskapen East African Community kommer att inleda ett närmare samarbete Förra veckan undertecknade NAI och EAC ett samförståndsavtal med syftet att mobilisera NAIs forskning till stöd ...
  • FOI - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/nshfydxe/
    Excerpt: FOI Studies in African Security team focuses on general monitoring and analysis of the security situation in Africa currently it also conducts a number of thematic studies http www foi se sv Var ...
  • NAI and EAC strengthen ties
    Location: /news/articles/2012/01/30/143754/
    Excerpt: ... January 30 2012 The Nordic Africa Institute and the East African Community will begin to work more closely together following last week s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding MoU between the ...
  • Mande Studies Association
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/8/2mvsq36r/
    Excerpt: ... in 1986 to promote scholarly research relevant to the Mande experience and environment and to encourage publication and dissemination http www mandestudies org Print NAI 50 ...
  • Research
    Location: /research/
    Excerpt: ... text to speach The Nordic Africa Institute is a research institution tasked to undertake and encourage studies on contemporary Africa or Africa related issues by scholars in mainly the Nordic and ...

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