Awarded Travel Scholarships for 2012

Padmore Adusei Amoah, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway
Street children; Access to healthcare for the children at risk: the case of Kumasi, Ghana
Alice Anderson- Gough, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
At home at last? Practices and perceptions of ”home” in the context of displacement and resettlement in northern Uganda
Anna Berglund, Lund University, Sweden
Top-down modernization: rural everyday life and state agricultural policy in post-genocide Rwanda
Rasmus Bernander, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Swahili loans in Bena - a study of contact induced change in the linguistically stratified society of Tanzania
Martina Angela Caretta , Stockholm University, Sweden
Knowledge and labour - an analysis of the gender contract in small holder irrigation farming in drylands in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
David Kimutai Cheruiyot, Karlstad University, Sweden
The 7th mass media: the rise of mobile media and participatory development in Kenya
David Christensen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Nordic models of corporate social responsibility in developing countries - cases of Danish base-of-the-pyramid strategies in Kenya and Mozambique
Ida Dahlström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Involving women in the peace process: experiences from South Sudan
Heleen de Goey, Uppsala University, Sweden
The social impact of microloans: what changes in well-being are perceived by women group borrowers? - A participatory rural appraisal in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Shai Andre Divon, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Packaging security -delivering development: the post 9/11 development discourse of the United States in Mali
Abdalla Ali Duh, University of Helsinki, Finland
Transnational Islamic NGOs and development: conflict or cooperation? The case of northeastern Kenya and Puntland region of Somalia
Gekawaku  Hendrew Lusey, Umeå University, Sweden
Masculinity and HIV prevention in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ulrik Jennische, Stockholm University, Sweden
The politics of market networks (Ghana)
Klaus Kuch Jensen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Prospects of the Sierra Leonean oil sector
Nanna Jordt Jørgensen, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
Young people’s environmental learning and agency in environmental conflicts in northern Kenya
Michael Kaguongo, Uppsala University, Sweden
DNA-bar coding of Tanzanian wild-harvested medical plants to identify and monitor trade and commercialization: stakeholders and threats of commercial trade on medicinal plants
Magda Karjalainen, University of Oulu, Finland
Language policy and epistemological transformation in higher education: Institutional ethnography of the University of Cape Town language policy and planning

Sarah Lajoie Flyng, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Empowering women or desenfranchising men: a look at gender roles in Burkina Faso
Arlena Liggins, Uppsala University, Sweden
An almost ”forgotten” disease - The search for health in the face of the illness Noma in Sokoto, Nigeria
Fredrik Lilja, Uppsala University, Sweden
Farm labour in the Cape wool industry (Sydafrika)
Chris Ekene Mbah, University of Tromsø, Norway
Interpreting violence in Nigeria: the fundamental issues - movement for the emancipation of Niger Delta and Odua Peoples Congress in perspective
Kari Mjaavatn Stien, NTNU - Trondheim, Norway
Relations between Chinese and Zambian small-scale traders
Angela Muvumba, Uppsala University, Sweden
Explaining impunity and conflict-related sexual violence: the roles of custom, armed groups and amnesty regimes (Burundi)
Anders Riel Müller, Roskilde University, Denmark
South Korea’s overseas investments in African farm land: Global and local struggles for food security (Tanzania, Ethiopia)
Johannes Nuutinen, University of Helsinki , Finland
Chinese leather production in Ethiopia - a case study in the production of power hierarchies within Sino-Ethiopian relations
Hans Olsson, Lund University, Sweden
A culture ’against culture’? Pentecostalism, migration and identity in contemporary Zanzibar
Regina Opoku, University of Tampere, Finland
Gendered violence: patterns and causes of women against women violence in Mwanza City, Tanzania
Jari Portaankorva, University of Helsinki , Finland
Muslims and Christians building reconciliation during the Sierra Leone war 1997-1999. A case study
Oyvind Mikal Rebnord- Johnsen, PRIO/Bjørknes College, Norway
The political economy of domestic counter-terrorism and socio-economic development in Nigeria
Darcy Thompson, Lund University, Sweden
Revolutionising or recycling international democracy assistance to Egypt
Kristoffer Eskild Thomsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Prospects of the Sierra Leonean oil sector
Ulrika Waaranperä, Malmö University, Sweden
Landed Power? The participatory aspects of access and ownership in Molo, Kenya
Marie Widengård, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Government of land, the case of foreign land acquisitions in Zambia
Ståle Wig, University of Oslo, Norway
In the middle of what? The social life of Lesotho’s aid laborers
Eva Åberg, University of Helsinki, Finland
Educating for democracy? - views on citizenship and citizenship education in Mozambique
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