Travel scholarships 2010

Elina Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
Soil fertility management among smallholders in Uganda, in the light of an African Green Revolution promotion.

Stine Bagger, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Born with HIV - communication with HIV positive children and their caretakers (Uganda).

Veslemøy Brandsnes Aurmo, Alaborg University, Denmark
Sustainable business incubation a way to address local development and entrepreneurship - Case studies of community innovations and sustainable urban livelihoods in Kenya.

Christina Brux Mburu, University of Oslo, Norway
Mental health in post-conflict Southern Sudan.

Elise Christensen, University of Oslo, Norway, Female circumcision: Tradition and change among Amharas of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Trine Eide, University of Tromsö, Norway, Paths to peace: civic nationalism, transitional justice and agricltural reform in Rwanda.

Heidi Østbøl Haugen, University of Oslo, Norway
Chinese and Burundian traders: competition or complemantarity?

Mari Kervinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
History of the norms of reproductive behaviour in a village community in north central Namibia.

Rasmus Kolding, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The elder and his certificate: Informal justice & politics in rural Sierra Leone.

Meike Lurweg, Göteborg University, Sweden
The coherence of European development and security policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kassaye Tekola Moges, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Biofuel induced implications on the livelihood of local people: the case of Wolaita district in southern Ethiopia.

Kezia Muthoni Njoroge, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
Male circumcision and political violence in Kenya: creating a platform for organizing development coalitions and reflecting on masculinities and sexual violence in conflict situations (Kenya).

Therese Olmsäter, Göteborg University, Sweden
Collective participation in workplace HIV programmes - Protecting the rights of workers: A Kenyan case study.

Syna Ouattara, Göteborg University, Sweden
Cotton farmers, rural poverty and climate variability in Southern Mali.

Päivi Pirkkalainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Somali diaspora organisations in Europe: mobilizing towards the country of origin.

Anna Pulakka, University of Tampere Medical School
Guardians’ perspectives to nutrition intervention with novel lipid based nutrien (LNS) products (Malawi).

Heidi Resset, University of Oslo, Norway
An anthropological study on the introduction of REDD among the locals in a Tanzanian village.

Line Richter, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Children in Danger - an anthropological investigation of children and hygiene in Selingue health district, Mali.

Maria Zuiderveld Roxberg, Stockholm University, Sweden
Sex and football: The media debate on the sex industry during the World Cup 2010 (South Africa).

Andreas Sandberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
Health, wellbeing, and struggles in everyday life: experiencing and responding to HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Peerke Schouten, Göteborg University, Sweden
Performing (in)security: transnational private security companies and security assemblages surrounding resource extraction in the DRC (Kongo/Kinshasa).

Fredrik Sjöberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
Beyond ’ethnic voting’ in divided societies: Democratic accountability and the limits of ethnic loyalty in Sierra Leone.

Cheryl Sjöström, Lund University, Sweden
Food for naught: Challenges for the global food system and the African smallholder (Malawi).

Terje Skjerdal, Gimlekollen School of Journalism & Communication, Kristiansand, Norway
Conflicting role perceptions among Ethiopian journalists during national elections May 2010

Sesilie Smørholm, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Everyday life of infants and their caretakers in urban Zambia.

Astrid Thews, Uppsala University, Sweden
Educating others, representing selves. Administrative staff and teachers creating images of Egypt and Egyptians in interaction with foreign students in a private language institute in Greater Cairo.

Marit Widman, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Intra-household bargaining power and land reform in Madagascar.

Marit Tolo Østebø, University of Bergen, Norway, ’Gender equality’ and ’violence against women’ in international aid: The case of Norwegian funded development projects in Ethiopia.

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