Travel scholarships 2009

The  Nordic Africa Institute has awarded travel scholarships for research and preparation of research projects on Africa to the following persons:

Bakken, Marit, University of Oslo, Norway
Socially constructed meanings in South African music - study of music and cultural values in a South African youth organization.

Baldursdóttir, Sigrídur, University of Iceland, Iceland
Aid policy: village health units in Guinea-Bissau.

Coker, Abidemi Yvonne, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Negotiating urban housing in Southern megacities (Nigeria).

Girardeau, Naomi, Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt (NUPI), Norway
The Southern African Development Community (SADC): challenges and prospects for a more efficient and coherent peace and security establishment.

Halling, Siw-Inger, Uppsala University, Sweden
Tourisms impact on local society in Lamu, Kenya - a study on sustainable development.

Hellevik, Siri, Norwegian Institute for Urban & Regional Research Norway
The efforts to provide “good” public service delivery within HIV/AIDS through coordination. A study of HIV/AIDS programs in Tanzania.

Hirvi, Marja, University of Helsinki Finland, Finland
Private participation in Ghana’s water sector reform: global-local links and political agency.

Janmyr, Maja, University of Bergen, Norway
Protection of civilians in refugee camp environments (Zambia).

Jansen, Karine Aasgaard, University of Bergen, Norway
Colonised bodies and gendered illness: an ethnographic study of the 2005-2007 Chikungunya epidemic in French Réunion (Réunion).

Johannsdottir, Gudrun Helga, University of Iceland Iceland, Iceland
Post-conflict elections in Guinea-Bissau.

Katto, Jonna Karolina,
University of Helsinki, Finland
The gendered narratives of Nation and Citizenship: Female e-combatants remembering national liberation in Mozambique.

Lewis, David, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
The legal status, conditions and treatment of POWs and other armed conflict related detainees in Uganda’s international and internal armed conflicts.

Lindhardt, Martin
, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Being young and born again in contemporary Tanzania. Agency, power and social identity.

Lindvert, Marta
, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Financial bootstrapping among different groups of female entrepreneurs (Tanzania).

Lyonga, Frida, Stockholm University, Sweden
Critical reporting and democratisation in Africa: Public and private media coverage of political crisis in Cameroon.

Löfgren, Johanna, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
Where donor policies meet the realities of children - Pilot study in Addis Ababa, September 2009 (Etiopien).

Magnúsdóttir, Katrín
, University of Iceland, Iceland
Assessment of sustainable livelihoods among theTopnaar people living within the Namib Naukluft Park in Namibia.

Olsson, Hans
, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Interfaith cooperation in Tanzania - a study of interfaith activities in relation to democracy, state and society.

Olsson, Mia, Lund University, Sweden
Puzzles of (non-)Democratization (Tanzania).

Pahle, Simon, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Norway
After Doha: bringing the workers’ rights back in? The discourses and politics of fortifying ILO core labour standards through at WTO social clause (South Africa).

Priebe, Gunilla, Göteborg University, Sweden
Global cooperation creating local capacity - capacity strengthening in malaria research in Mozambique.

Riska, Minna
, Oslo School of Architecture, Norway
Kamakunji Grounds - Manifestation of a public space in Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya).

Rodéhn, Cecilia
, Uppsala University, Sweden
Memory, reconciliation and transition - heritage in Eritrea.

Sarmiento, Nicole, Oslo Peace Research Institute, Norway
South/South relations: a critical historical analysis of Cuban-South African relations from 1959-1994 and implications for IR therory .

Sellaeg, Nina, University of Oslo, Norway
“Let me hear what you see!” A qualitative study of how Ugandan teachers and student teachers who are blind experience a sound and text based educational material.

Wang, Vibeke, University of Bergen, Norway
The pro-poor accountability function of legislatures. Parliament as an actor in poverty reduction in Tanzania.

Vermej, Lotte, University of Oslo, Norway
Children of rebellion: socialization of child soldiers in rebel groups (Uganda).

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