Travel scholarships 2006

The Programme and Research Council of the Nordic Africa Institute has awarded travel scholarships for research and preparation of research projects on Africa to the following persons:

John Adicka, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Getting the basics right matter: Do regional blocs in Southern and Eastern Africa produce pro-poor welfare effects? The case of Tanzania and the East African Community (Tanzania)

Michael Albert, University of Oslo, Norway,
Factors influencing the utilization of research findings by health policy makers in the selection and updating of a developing country's essential medicines list (Mali)

Pelle Amberntsson, Göteborg University, Sweden
Rural development in processes of change - Smallholders' livelihoods in eastern Zambia

Helle Andersen, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Interactions between health workers and disabled persons coming for HIV-testing or counselling (Uganda)

Sheri Bastien, University of Oslo, Norway
The challenges of HIV and AIDS education and communication in a globalized world: in and out of school youth in Tanzania

Tor A. Benjaminsen, University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
A political ecology of West African cotton (Mali)

Jo Tore Berg, University of Iceland, Iceland
Images of development: discourses and lived experience (Uganda or Malawi)

Jesper Bjarnesen,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Imagining Paris, Living Dakar. Dreams and practices of aspiring and returning migrants (Senegal)

Anna Bohman, Umeå University, Sweden
Institutional change within the water and sewerage sector in Ghana 1957 - 2005

Andrew Byerley, Stockholm University, Sweden
From hostels to homes and from municipal housing estates to owner occupied housing: a comparative study of the rise and fall of the migrant labour hostel system at Walvis Bay, Namibia, and the stabilised 'family' housing estate system at Jinja, Uganda

Maya Mynster Christensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
No peace without reconciliation. Reconciliation and reintegration among ex-combatants in Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Omar Drammeh, University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
The role of Sierra Leone's Truth- & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and special court (SC) in post-conflict peace building: perceptions of ex-combatants

Tomas Sundnes Drönen, Misjonshögskolen, Stavanger, Norway
Conversion & conservation. The Dii people meet the Norwegian missionaries. Adamawa, northern Cameroon 1934-1960

Siri H. Eriksen,
University of Oslo, Norway
Facing global change in marginal areas: the use of diverse biological resources in household adaptation strategies (Mozambique)

Mikael Eriksson, Uppsala University, Sweden
The effects of EU sanctions: the case of Zimbabwe

Tsegay Gebrelibanos, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, NTNU, Norway
Salt trade in Ethiopia-Producers, trade networks and effects on social change, 19th and 20th century (Ethiopia)

Erik Green, Stockholm University, Sweden,
From form to content: agricultural extension service and smallholder agricultural production in Malawi, 1930s to 2000

Torill Aagot Halvorsen, University of Oslo, Norway
The digital divide: Students falling through the Net at ICT-dependent universities. Mapping the ICT capacity in higher education in Tanzania

Margrethe Haug, University of Tromsö, Norway
"Bushmen" as a Trademark. Commercialisation of indigenous culture by the tourist industry - a ticket to development or to further marginalisation (Botswana)

Kristiina Juutinen, University of Tampere, Finland,
ommunity of a community radio: a case study of radio Chikuni (Zambia)

Julia Jänis, University of Helsinki, Finland
Tourism as a development strategy in Tanzania: From economic expectations to complex socio-cultural challenges

Sara Seerup Laursen,
Aarhus University, Denmark
Social memory in public display. An anthropological study of youth, memory and genocide in Rwanda

Elisabeth Lothe, University of Oslo, Norway
Ending ethnic conflict: How can institutional power sharing contribute to sustain peace in Burundi?

Alessandra Lundström Sarelin, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Human Rights-based development practices in the context of HIV/AIDS Mitigation and food security (Tanzania, Malawi)

Ragnhild Muriaas, University of Bergen, Norway
Decentralisation and the political force of traditional authority in East and Southern Africa (Malawi)

Milissao Nuvunga,
Göteborg University, Sweden
State capacity for poverty reduction in Mozambique

Kasper Thams Olsen,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Killing the 'in-group': Understanding atrocities by the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda

Mette Olsen,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Wastewater irrigation: Perception of health risks and avoidance strategies in urban and peri-urban Kumasi, Ghana

Inga Dóra Pétursdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland
Hesitancy to know: HIV voluntary counselling and testing for HIV in rural Malawi

Audax Rukonge,
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
From owner and actor to regulator and facilitator. Challenges among artisanal small-scale miners and mining communities in Tanzania

Ingrid Samset, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway
Why civil wars end: economic and judicial incentives for the consolidation of peace in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sudan

Karin Sjögren, Lund University, Sweden
Media and national identity. A study of the Jewish minority in South African Press during the 1990's

Karen Waltorp Sörensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Education for life - imagining the future; Youth in South African townships

Maiju Tamminen, University of Tampere, Finland
Gwembe Tonga: The impact of crafts development on the valley Tonga of Zambia

Oliver Thalén, Stockholm University, Sweden
Video film production in urban Accra: the (re)interpretation of Modernity (Ghana)

Marja Tiilikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Suffering, healing and transnational lives of Somalis in Finland

Marit Vambheim, University of Bergen, Norway
From Socialism to Shari'a: The political development in Sudan in the
Nimeiri period (1969 - 1985)

Paula Wiechowska, Göteborg University, Sweden
Living in insecurity: a comparative study of young mothers and community participation in Lusaka & Cape Town (Zambia, South Africa)

Lisa Knatterud Wold, University of Bergen, Norway
Livelihood strategies and gender in a Lake Kariba fishing community (Zambia)
Interview with Lisa Knatterud Wold.

Fredrik Ödegaard, University of Oslo, Norway
Ghanaian football talents and the dream of playing abroad (Ghana)

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