Study grant holders spring 2009

The study grants for spring 2009 have been distributed to the following persons:

Ailio, Jaakko, University of Tampere
Project title: “Politics of the Globalization of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

Backman, Anna, Åbo University
Project title: “Stephen Biko and the Black Consciousness Movement”.

Boamah, Festus, University of Bergen
Project title: “How does biodiesel crop influence direct and indirect food security in the cultivation area? The case of Jatropha curcas plant project in Northern Ghana to produce biodiesel”.

Chella, Tendai, Norwegian University of Life sciences (UMB)
Project title: “Why is Zimbabwe’s stock market desplaying bullish behaviour? Speculative determinants for the high performance of the Zimbabwe stock exchange in a hyper inflationary environment”.

Hietalahti-Kejonen, Johanna Kaisa Maria, University of Helsinki
Project title: “Tradeoffs, rights and responsibilities in the business of microfinance: A case study from South Africa”.

Ikken, Massip Farid, Stockholm University and Poppius journalistskola
Project title: “Press freedom and the media in Africa today”.

Jóhannsdóttir, Ingibjörg, University of Iceland
Project title: “Ignorant or instinctive? The images of African mothers in a historical context”.

Kervinen, Mari Johanna, University of Joensuu
Project title: “History of understanding HIV/AIDS:  Knowledge, change and comprehension in a Namibian village community”.

Mercier, Hélène, Lund University
Project title: “Kenya’s media and post-election violence: Analysing the success of Pamoja FM”.

Minwary, Maya Yullstiani, Norwegian University of Life sciences (UMB)
I want a bite too: Revenue sharing and power relation in Enduiment Wildlife Management Area, Longido District, Tanzania”.

Ngomba, Teke Jacob, University of Aarhus
Project title: “Political communication in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Cameroonian experience in a global perspective”.

Ojanen, Sanni, Tampere University
Project title: “Somalis in Finnish research”.

Onyango, Olowo Eria, University of Bergen
Project title: “Pastoralism and conflict in African drylands: Confronting persistence violence in an armed society: The case of the Karimojong in North-eastern Uganda”.

Zaami, Mariama, University of Bergen
Project title: “Gendered strategies among migrants from northern Ghana in Accra”.

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