Study grants autumn 2010

The study grants for autumn 2010 have been distributed to the following persons:

Gerald Ainebyona, University of Tromsö, Norway
“The reintegration of ex-girl child abductees of the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda: A case study of Gulu District.”

Getu Demeke Alene, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
“Community self-help development, spaces for scaling up: Case study of Awramba rural self-help community in northern Ethiopia.”

Duone Ekane, Stockholm University, Sweden
The context of urban social problems in Cameroon: Case study of youth unemployment -- views, measures and their impact on substandard housing.”

Sonja Hofstetter, Stockholm University, Sweden
“(Ine)quality? Research proposal for a comparative case study on teachers´opinions of education quality within the public primary school system of South Africa.”

Jorge Simón Izquierdo Díaz, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Ethnicity and identity in post-colonial Mozambique: An analysis of the relationship between Thonga kinship system and conflict resolution of social cases in southern Mozambique (Maputo).”

Jaana Kokkonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
“Evolution of the use of sacral elements in the Tunisian legal language.” 

Tiina-Maria Levamo, University of Helsinki, Finland
“A comparative study on young people’s right to participation: The case of Zambia and Finland.”

Marie Makweri, University of Helsinki, Finland
“Ethnicity and peace building in Burundi.”

Matilda Korkoi Mettle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
An assessment of the resettlement process for persons to be displaced by the BUI Hydrelectric Dam Project in Ghana.”

Anniina Susanna Pirttimaa, Åbo Academy, Finland
“Effects of electoral systems on democratisation in sub-Saharan Africa.” 

Jari Portaankorva, University of Helsinki, Finland
“A case study: Interfaith cooperation for building peace during the Sierra Leone conflict 1997-1999.”

Hanna Rönty, University of Helsinki, Finland
“Concepts of race, nation and state in South African separate development propaganda in 1958-1966.”

Tuomas Teuho, University of Tampere, Finland
“German-Finnish-Namibian relations in colonial Namibia (German South-West Africa) during the years 1900 - 1910.”

Alexander Attilio   Vadala, University of Oslo, Norway
“Vulnerability to famine in Ethiopia: The case of Afar pastoralists.”

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