Study grant holders in 2008

The study grants for 2008 have been distributed to the following persons:

Clemet Askheim, University of Bergen
Project: “Empowerment for development: What can we learn from the dialectics of oppression?”

Sidylamine Bagayoko,
University of Tromsø
Project: “Community schools in the slums of Bamako: The case of Sabalibougou.”

Kjell Einar Barsnes, Sosialantroplogisk institutt, University of Oslo
Project: “To punish like a father”: A study of the relationship between religion and discipline in Tanzanian schools.”

Ulrike Deppert, Lund University
Project: “Go fish! Environmental and economically sustainable livelihood explained through the fisher folk in Toliara Region, Madagascar.”

Oiwodu Estella Ega, Linköping University
Project: “The evolution of women’s roles and work in the health sector: The Nigerian experience.”

Jessie Qweqwe Gondwe, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
Project: “Effects of market access on farm productivity in Malawi.”

Hilda Härgestam Strandberg, Umeå University
Project: “(Dis)loyalty/ies: Global ethics in the works of Nuruddin Farah.”

Kartika Sari Juniwaty, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
Project: “The role of remittances in rural development: A Study from six districts in Malawi.”

Minna Tuulikki Kaattari, University of Helsinki
Project: “The state in modern South Africa: State, corporation or corporate state?”

Shrwan Kumar Khanal, University of Jyväskylä
Project: “Opportunities and challenges of internet use: A case study of University of Zambia.”

Roosa Kohvakka, University of Jyväskylä
Investigating the transfer of information and communication technology from foreign direct investment in Africa: Intellectual property rights vs open access models.”

Sara Seerup Laursen, Afdeling for antropologi & etnografi
Project: “Living in a state of distrust: An anthropological study of friendship relations among university students in post-genocide Rwanda.”

Åsa Linusson, University of Oslo
Project: “The impact and possibilities of non-formal education in Somaliland: An assessment of the experiences from the alternative approach to basic education (AABE)-programs."

Nilani Ljunggren De Silva, Stockholm University
Project: “A gender framework for education policy dialogues: Women, education and development in Saharan Africa.”

Gun Elisabet Mickels-Kokwe, Roskilde University
Project: “Institutional conditions for successful natural resource management in the Miombo Woodland of Southern Africa: A historical analysis.”

Piwane Constance Moumakwa, University of Tromsø
Project: “The Botswana Kgotla system: A traditional conflict resolution institution. Case study of the Kgotla.”

Nawa Mwale-Shalala, University of Jyväskylä
Project: “Lusaka residents’ attitude towards solid waste management: It’s impact on sustainable development.”

Egill Þhór Níelsson, University of Iceland
Project: “A social anthropological study of the relationship between the Atlantic slave trade and modern cultural and biological diversity.”

Nnenna Christiana Okafor, SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Project: “Impact of micro finance on rural development and poverty alleviation.”

Pia Falk Paarup, University of Aarhus
Project: “A polished somebody”: Young women in the post-war ‘local moral world’ in Northern Sierra Leone.”

Carmeliza Rosário, University of Bergen
Project: “Desperate co-wives: The illegality of polygamy in the new Mozambican family law.”

Tuomas Aleksi Räsänen, University of Jyväskylä
Project: “The argumentation of World Bank’s poverty reduction policy.”

Karianne Stig, University of Oslo & FAFO
Project: “A qualitative study of the implications of the democratic deficit in the Security Sector Reform (SSR) in post-conflict Liberia .”

Riikka Johanna Suhonen, University of Helsinki
Project: “ ‘Race’, identity and party power: Zanzibari nationalism as a threat to the national unity of Tanzania .”

Anna Kristín Tumadóttir, University of Iceland
Project: “South African higher education transformation: An examination of the policy process.”

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