Study grant holders autumn 2006

The study grants for autumn 2006 have been distributed to the following persons:

Anna Bohman, Umeå University, Sweden           
nstitutional change within the water and sewage sector in Ghana 1957-2005    

Annita Tipilda Churie, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
Technology adoption and impact: Social, cultural factors affecting adoption and impact

Trine-Lise Draege, University of Bergen, Norway
Female genital cutting in Eritrea: Decision making and the role of the men  

Marte Teie Hellum, University of Bergen, Norway
Who is the Umdah of Masakin? New and conflicting ideas in a post-war Nuba village in Sudan

Sondre Imset, University of Oslo, Norway
The radical school’s historical representations of the colonial period in Africa

Mari Johanna Kervinen, University of Joensuu, Finland
Tribes of the indirect rule - Tribalism in the administrative reports from Kenya colony and protectorate in the 1920s and 1930s.

Tuuli Maaria Kirjonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Senegalese conceptions of hierarchy: Cloth and dress as expressions of hospitality and generosity         

Tiina Kukkamaa, University of Helsinki, Finland
Western support to southern NGOs: How does it strengthen civil society development in Tanzania?

Kjersti Lindbekk, University of Oslo, Norway           
Assistance from the Norwegian trade union to the Zambian trade union 1984-2000

Peter Makachia, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
A strategic approach to dweller-initiated transformations in urban housing in Eastland’s Nairobi

Touko Martikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
The values of individualism and holism in the Christian communities of southern Ghana

Marja Olli, University of Helsinki, Finland
Swapo’s internal crises and challenges of democratic development since 1960’s

Ashfaq Sadiq, University of Oslo, Norway 
Looking into the future: Possible scenarios for re-institutionalizing the higher education in Somalia

Ingrid Onarheim Spjeldnaes, Bergen University College, Norway
Reproductive behaviour, transmission of values and their effect on health and quality of life among South African women.

Lisa Knatterud Wold, University of Bergen, Norway
Livelihood strategies and gender in a Lake Kariba fishing community

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