Study grant holders

The study grants for autumn 2007 have been distributed to the following persons:

Joyce Addo, University of Tromsö, Norway
'Women and the refugee crisis in West Africa: Exploring the livelihood strategies of Liberian refugee women in Ghana '.

Naa Ansaa Ansah-Koi, University of Bergen, Norway
'Structural adjustment program and processes of marginalization in a coastal community in Ghana: a case study of process of marginalization in Moree'.    

Anna Berglund, Lunds university, Sweden
'Growing up with an unspoken past - identification among the post-genocidal generation in Rwanda'.

Trine Eide, University of Bergen, Norway
'Discourses of justice, reconciliation and unity-state ideologies and local realities in post-genocide Rwanda'.     

Kalewongel Gedamu Minalem, University of Tromsö, Norway
'Challenges to normalization of post war relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea'.

George Jawali, University of Tromsö, Norway
'Rural livelihood and subsistence cultivation: from extinguishment to co-existence? Case of indigenous communities around Lengwe national park in southern Malawi'.

Andrew Jones, University of Tampere, Finland
'Hegemonic aspects of “China in Africa” and local Zambian responses'.

Gavin Kalan, University of Helsinki, Finland
'The footprint of the petroleum economy in Nigeria'.

Kari Magnussen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
'Cooperation between the media and voluntary organisations during the 2002 elections in Kenya'.

Margrethe Mork, University of Bergen, Norway
'Uptake and adherence to antiretroviral treatment among HIV positive adults in Ethiopia: provider and users perspective'.

Claus Kjersgaard Nielsen, Aarhus University, Danmark
'Humanitarian foreign policy; Danish relief from Biafra to Ethiopia'.

Anne Maria Katariina Rönkkö, University of Helsinki, Finland
'Living religion: a comparative study on personal religious believes in a Pentecostal church in two sociocultural contexts'.

Nanna Schneidermann Thorsteinsson, Aarhus University, Denmark
'Ugandan superstar - an anthropological study of the negotiations of roles, meaning and different forms of capital in Ugandan showbiz'.

Ernestina Korleki Tetteh, University of Tromsö, Norway
'My parents are “burghers”: a study of international labour migration and families in Ghana'.

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