Scholarships for Ph.D candidates 2011

Scholarships for 2011 have been distributed to the following persons:

Afia Afenah, University of Helsinki, Finland
“Does the human rights framework paradoxically contribute to providing the context within which citizenship and/or human rights are limited by the nation state? An investigation into the political economy of forced evictions in Urban Africa.”

Sigridur Baldursdóttir, University of Iceland, Island
“Aid policy: Primary health care at village health units in rural Guinea-Bissau.”

Johanna Jansson, Roskilde University, Danmark
“Africa, emerging powers and north-south relations: How emerging Sino-Congolese relations impact on the DRC’s ties to the north.”

Samuel David Jenkin, Lund University, Sweden
“Mutual benefit?- The past and present of China’s role in the agricultural growth and transformation of Southern Africa.”

Elijah Nyaga Munyi , Aalborg University, Denmark
“Africa’s EPAs outcomes: Negotiated agreements or stipulated capitulation? Locating African - EU trade negotiations within an analytical framework in negotiation theory.”

Jonathan Ngeh, Umeå University, Sweden
“Social conflict and the transformation of African migrants in Sweden.”

Malin Nystrand, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
“The social and the economic in business practice in Uganda.”

Janne Juhana Rantala, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
“Social structure and liminality in post war Mozambique.”

Nanna Schneidermann, Aarhus University, Denmark
“More than entertainment: Popular culture and entrepreneurship among urban youth in Uganda.”

 Emmanuel Wilson Walla, Oslo University College, Norway
“Is education the answer? An analysis of the influence of HIV/AIDS pandemic on education in south Sudan.”

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