Maria Eriksson Baaz

Senior Researcher & Professor at NAI since February 2010

Subject areas:
Civil-military relations, defence reform; gender and security; post-colonial theory and diaspora studies
Geographical areas:
the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda
Language skills:
Swedish, English, French
+46 (0)18 471 52 55
+46 (0)70 167 96 55
Research areas:
Conflict and post-conflict

Academic background

PhD in Peace and Development Research, School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University, Sweden;  MA in Development Studies, including Development Studies at the Department of Peace and Development Research, Gothenburg University and Political Science and Sociology, University of Lund, Sweden.   

Curriculum Vitae (pdf) 

List of Publications (pdf)


Eriksson Baaz, M and Verweijen, J. 2014. “Arbiters with guns: the ambiguity of military involvement in civilian disputes in the DR Congo, Third World Quarterly. Volume 35, Issue 5, 2014.

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