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Re-thinking Sexualities in Africa

Edited by Signe Arnfred

The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, 2004.

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The volume brings together papers by African and Nordic/Scandinavian gender scholars and anthropologists, in attempts to investigate and critically discuss existing lines of thinking about sexuality in Africa, while at the same time creating space for alternative approaches.

Issues of colonial and contemporary discourses on 'African sexuality' and on 'female genital mutilation' are being discussed, as well as issues of female agency and of feminists' engagement with HIV/AIDS.

The volume contributes to contemporary efforts of re-thinking sexualities in the light of feminist, queer and postcolonial theory.

“There is no doubt that there is a pressing need to theorize sexualities from within paradigms fully alert to the dangers of colonial legacies concerning the ‘African’ and deeply committed to the creation of knowledge’s capable of revolutionizing African-based economic, political, and cultural dependencies. (…)
With few exceptions, the writers are well known in their (various) disciplinary and national contexts as African-focused researchers with strong—and sometimes deeply innovative—approaches to the complex theoretical (and practical) imbrications of gender, colonialism, ‘post-democracy’, and sexualities.”

(Dr Jane Bennett, University of Cape Town)

Beneath the Surface: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Secondary and Higher Education in Africa

Charmaine Pereira

The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala. Forthcoming.

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