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Re-thinking Sexualities in Africa

Signe Arnfred: Re-thinking Sexualities in Africa: Introduction.

Under Western Eyes

Heike Becker: Efundula: Women's initiation, gender and sexual identities in colonial and post-colonial northern Namibia.

Signe Arnfred: ‘African sexuality’/Sexuality in Africa. Tales and silences.

Liselott Dellenborg: A reflection on the cultural meanings of female circumcision. Experiences from fieldwork in Casamance, southern Senegal.

Katarina Jungar/Elina Oinas: Preventing HIV? Medical discourses and invisible women.

Akosua Adomako Ampofo: “By God's grace I had a boy”. Whose ‘unmet need’? Dis/agreement about childbearing among Ghanaian couples.

Problems of Pleasure and Desire

Kopano Ratele: Kinky Politics.

Mumbi Machera: Opening a can of worms: A debate on female sexuality in the lecture theatre.

Assitan Diallo: Paradoxes of female sexuality in Mali: On the Practices of Magnonmaka and Bolokoli-kela.

Female Agency

Jo Helle-Valle: How to understand sexuality in Africa? An inductive exploration of diversity.

Liv Haram: ‘Prostitutes’ or modern women? Negotiating respectability in northern Tanzania.

Margrethe Silberschmidt: Masculinities, sexuality and socio-economic change in rural and urban East Africa.

Mary Kolawole: Re-conceptualizing African gender theory: Feminism, Womanism and the Arere Metaphor.

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