Sex and Gender in Africa: Critical and Feminist Approaches

Nordic Africa Days, Uppsala, Sweden, 30 September–2 October 2005

Workshop session 1, Friday 15.30 - 18.00
Women's strategies regarding marriage / Sex and money in contexts of HIV/AIDS

Dorte Thorsen (Denmark/UK): In the Pursuit of own Desires. A case study about young women in rural Burkina Faso

Johanna Latvala
(Finland): For better or worse? Feminist aspirations and marital relationships in contemporary Kenya

Jan Hesselberg and Anders Iversen
(Norway): The political economy history of HIV/AIDS in Botswana

Christian Groes-Green
(Denmark): Gender Strategies in Times of Change. Changing gender structures, protective practices and women's 'autonomy' in urban Mozambique

Discussant: Katja Jassey, NAI

Workshop session 2: Saturday 14.30 - 17.00
Race, sex and female bodies: Conceptions and controversies

Katja Jassey (Sweden): In the eyes of the beholder - male and female agency in relation to 'race', sexuality, love and money

Signe Arnfred (Denmark/Sweden): Situational Gender and Subversive Sex - discussion of African feminisms

Elise B Johansen (Norway): Sculpted Female Bodies. Discourses on genital manipulation in the cntext of globalization

Anette Wickström
(Sweden): The Flowers of the Nation - social monitoring of virginity and adolescent guidance as AIDS prevention

Loreen Iminza Maseno
(Norway): The Shembe at eKuphumuleni: Perceptions regarding the status of women within the Shembe faith community

Discussant: Fiona Ross, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Workshop session 3, Sunday 9.30 - 12.00
Social movements and politics: Political, activist and feminist discourses

Katarina Jungar and Elina Oinas (Finland): 'Mobilize and Mourn!' The Treatment Action Campaign transforming notions of HIV-prevention

Saija Ohtonen (Finland): Opportunities, Alliances and Passionate Agents: The political role and strategies of the women's movement in Zambia

Lene Bull Christiansen (Denmark): Woman or Pawn? Debates about the appointment of Joyce Mujuru as vice president of Zimbabwe in 2004

Magnfridur Juliusdottir (Iceland): Women's insecure place in patriarchal spaces in Zimbabwe. Community as debated ideal and gendered experience

Discussant: Amanda Gouws, University of Stellenbosh, South Africa
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