Sex and Gender in Africa: Critical and feminist approaches

Convenor: Signe Arnfred

Gender and sexuality in Africa are contested fields of study. Investigations have taken place - historically and currently - from many different inroads and in markedly different contexts. Assumptions regarding patriarchal domination on one hand, and lascivious sexuality on the other, have characterized colonial and missionary perceptions of gender and sexuality, later supplemented by notions of gender equality and reproductive rights. In this context African feminist analysis poses new questions regarding conceptions of 'women' and 'gender', and regarding gender power relations and sexualities. It is the aim of the workshop, with its point of departure in empirical analysis, to discuss such different approaches while also investigating the subject matter in question. Papers for the workshop should be theoretically informed, and grounded in empirical research.

The workshop aims to be a starting point for a Nordic network on Postcolonial Feminist Studies. This workshop is the last Nordic Africa Days workshop to be organized by the Sexuality, Gender and Society in Africa programme, which comes to an end in the summer of 2006.

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