List of abstracts

Nordic Africa Days 30 September – 2 October 2005

Sex and Gender in Africa: Critical and feminst approaches

Bjørndahl Iversen, Anders and Hesselberg, Jan (Department of Human Geography, University of Oslo, Norway): The Political Economy of HIV/AIDS in Botswana

Bull Christiansen, Lene (The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden): Woman or Pawn?

Dellenborg, Lisen (Department of Social Anthropology, Göteborg University, Sweden): Female ‘Circumcision’, Sexuality and Gender among the Jola Fogny in Senegal

Groes-Green, Christian (Denmark): The powers of gender and the risky road to freedom, The Dangers and Potentials of Adolescent Girl's Engagement with ‘Suger- Daddies’in sub-Saharan Africa

Jassey, Katja (The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden): In the eyes of the beholder –male and female agency in relation to race, sexuality, love and money

Johansen, R. Elise B. (Norwegian Centre for Minority Health Research, Norway): Bodies on the move. Bodily practices and femininity in the context of Globalization, the issue of female genital manipulation

Júlíusdóttir, Magnfríður (lecturer in Geography University of Iceland): Women's insecure place in patriarchal spaces in Zimbabwe Community as debated ideal and gendered experience

Jungar, Katarina and Oinas, Elina (Institute for Women’s Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland): Working on the ruins of feminist ethnography in “Africa”

Latvala, Johanna (Univ. of Tampere): For better or worse? Feminist aspirations and marital relationships in contemporary Kenya

Loftsdóttir, Kristín (Department of Anthropology, University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland): Constructing the WoDaaBe Other: Masculinities and Representations in Colonial and Post-Colonial Discourses

Malmström, Maria (Dept. of Social Anthropology, Göteborg University, Sweden): “Fil Masr tahara hilwa”–In Egypt circumcision is sweet/nice

Maseno, Loreen Iminza (University of Oslo, Faculty of Theology, Norway): Gendering the Sabbath?: Conceptions of Women Among the Shembe

Ohtonen, Saija (University of Helsinki, Finland): The Political Role and Strategies of the Women’s Movement in Today’s Zambia

Thorsen, Dorthe (The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden/University of Sussex): Conceptualising Women’s Agency. Life Courses in a Rural West African Setting

Wickström, Anette (Linköping University, Sweden): The flowers of the Nation ­ Virginity as AIDS prevention

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