Context of gender in Africa

Uppsala, Sweden, 21–24 February 2002

Session 1: Critique of WID/GAD discourses, and of repercussions of development discourses for research
Chair: Ulla Vuorela

Susanne Possing: Does feminization of poverty go hand in hand
with de-Feminization of gender policies?

Linzi Manicom: “Gender” in ´The New South Africa`: Exploring the implications and ironies of “women” and “gender” as national political subject categories.

Akosua Adomako Ampofo: Whose ‘Unmet Need’ and issues of ‘Agreement’ in reproductive decision making

Session 2: African gender theory. Researcher / consultant / advocate dilemmas. Chair: Signe Arnfred

Mary Kolawole: Re-conceptualising African gender theory: Womanism, female space and the Arere metaphor.

Akosua Adomako Ampofo: One who has strength – She has the truth (Mamprussi proverb).

Assitan Diallo: A world between the words of FGM and excision

Session 3: Critique of colonial and post-colonial discourses on sexuality. Chair: Ulla Vuorela

Heike Becker: Eengoma: When the drums call. Female initiation and the politics of gender and sexuality in colonial and postcolonial northern Namibia.

Jónina Einarsdottir: In times of AIDS: Sexuality and death in Africa.

Signe Arnfred: ‘African Sexuality’ / Sexuality in Africa. Tales and silences.

Katarina Jungar/Elina Oinas: Inventing ‘African Solutions’. HIV prevention and medical media.

Session 4: Female sexuality in different African contexts. Chair: Ulla Vuorela

Mumbi Machera: Opening a can of worms: A debate on African female sexuality in the lecture theatre.

Assitan Diallo: A fictive dialogue between ‘Magnonmakanw’ and ‘Bolokoli-kêlaw’.

Session 5: C ross-cutting contexts 1. Chair: Signe Arnfred

Jo Helle-Valle: Sex, gender, contexts and conflicts in Botswana.

Oluyemisi Obilade/Tinuade Adewale: Echoes of silence: Tracking emerging gender relations.

Busayo Ige: Gender and politeness: Construction of identity among Zulu English students at the University of Natal, Durban.

Session 6: Cross-cutting contexts 2. Chair: Signe Arnfred

Liv Haram: ‘Prostitutes’ or modern women? Struggling for respectability in northern Tanzania.

Margrethe Silberschmidt: Masculinity and male sexuality in rural and urban East Africa.

Kopano Ratele: Kinky politics.

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