Associated publication project

African Perspectives on Gender: Theory, Methodology and Concepts

Anthology of important texts written by African gender scholars from Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa, on gender theory and methodology

The project is planned in collaboration with Dr Desiree Lewis, Cape Town. Desiree Lewis is the main editor; Ms Codou Bop, Dakar, is co-editor for Francophone Africa, Ms Maria José Arthur is co-editor for Lusophone Africa.

The aim of this project is to make available to students and researchers some of the important texts written by African scholars which discuss concepts and methodologies of gender studies in Africa. Such texts do exist, but very often they are not widely known, hidden in occasional seminar reports or local journals with limited circulation. In actual fact a number of scholars have developed distinct analytical and conceptual approaches to the study of gender in Africa. Yet anthologies or book-length studies dealing with African contributions to theory, concepts and methodology hardly exist. The compilation of selected texts should offer both an inter-disciplinary guide for students and newcomers to the field, and a specialised archival resource for established researchers.

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