Associated research projects

Women's Sexuality in Senegal

Research Project run by GREFELS (Groupe de Recherche sur les Femmes et les Lois au Senegal)

Coordinator of this project: Ms Codou Bop, Dakar. Ms Codou Bop is also, with Dr Fatou Sow, the coordinator of GREFELS.

Participating researchers: Dr Fatou Sow, Ms Codou Bop, Ms Oulimata Gaye, Ms Madeleine Deves Senghor, Ms Rokhaya Gaye, Ms Awa Diop Fall.

Aim of the project:
Sexuality is still considered a taboo subject, and even national programmes on reproductive health hardly mention it. If sexuality is examined at all, it is more likely to be when it concerns sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS, or in the context of religious or social debates.

The objective of the research is to contribute to bridging this gap by providing information regarding women’s experiences, and how women live their sexuality, how sexuality is socially constructed in the Senegalese different ethnic groups, and the existence and experience of homosexuality and lesbian identity.

The full Project on the Book on Sexuality, sections 1, 2, 3 (pfd).

Sexual Harassment and Gendered Violence in Nigerian Universities

Coordinator of this project: Charmaine Pereira, Abuja. Dr Pereira is also, with a Steering Group, the coordinator of NWSN

The research is being undertaken by six research teams, one for each of the selected universities (two for the University of Abuja). The research team coordinators are the following: Dr Mabel Evwierhorna, University of Abuja; Ms Felicia Onibon, University of Abuja; Dr Fatima Adamu, Usmanu DanFodiyo University; Sokoto De Nkoli Ezumah, University of Nigeria, Nsukka; De Clara Ejembi, Ahamadu Bello University, Zaria; Dr Cölara Izokun-Etiobhio, University of Benin; Prof Alaide Adedokun, Lagos State University..

Aims of the project:
The project has three main aims. The first aim is to build knowledge on the systemic as well as institutional ramifications of sexual harassment and gendered violence in Nigerian universities, through collective research. The second aim is to strengthen the capacity of the researchers to use this knowledge in support of advocacy that is geared towards transforming institutional cultures in universities. The third aim is to work towards the development of university policies and agreed procedures for addressing cases on sexual harassment and gendered violence in Nigerian universities.

HIV/Aids, Sexuality and Gender - a Space for Change?

Researcher on this project: Katja Jassey, Sida, Sweden.

Aim of the project:
The project aims to investigate the space for social changes regarding sexuality and gender that has unexpectedly up due to tbe impact of HIV/AIDS on the African continent. The project will build on research that has come to the attention of the SexGenSoc programme, but also be augmented by other research or experiences found elsewhere, such as works of visual art and of literature.

Full outline of the project (pdf).

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