Programme Activities

A number of activities have been arranged by Amanda Hammar, either directly related to her programme or linked to the two thematic clusters that she is part of at NAI, namely Agrarian Change, and Conflict, Displacement and Transformation.

The main activities during 2007 included the following:

A Research Forum held at NAI on ‘New Agrarian Questions in Africa’, May 2007.

A Panel at the second AEGIS-ECAS Conference in Leiden, July 2007, on ‘Political Economies of Displacement in Southern Africa’. Following this, a manuscript is being prepared for a Special Issue of the Journal of Contemporary African Studies, to be published in September 2008, based on the panel theme.

A Workshop on ‘Livelihoods for Transformation and Development’ in Harare, June 2007, arranged together with the Centre for Rural Development in Harare, as part of an ongoing collaborative research project entitled ‘Political Economies of Displacement in Post-2000 Zimbabwe’.

A Workshop on ‘Political Economies of Displacement in Post-2000 Zimbabwe’ (as part of the above-mentioned project) in London, September 2007, organised together with the London School of Economics, Crisis States Programme.

A Public Seminar at NAI with Brian Raftopoulos, November 2007, on the subject of ‘South Africa and the Zimbabwe Crisis’.

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