Publications by the Programme

Articles and Book Contributions

-  Regionalism in the WTO and Factoring Development Agenda in the European Union/ African, Caribbean and Pacific Free Trade Agreement, (work in progress to be published in 2008)

-  The WTO Treaty System and State Responsibility: Revisiting the Question of Attribution and its Development Perspective.., Journal of World Investment & Trade Vol. 9, (February 2008).

-  The Challenges to Regional Integration in Africa, South Centre- Geneva, (December 2007)

-  The Universe of State Responsibility in the WTO…, (book contribution) in Julien Chaisse & Tiziano Balmelli, eds., Le droit de l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce en mutation, EDIS, (September 2007)

-  Revisiting some Issues of Concern in the DSB Review Process in 2006: The Appellate Body Report in Mexico – Tax Measures on Soft Drinks and Other Beverages and United States – “Zeroing” of Dumping Margins in context, Journal of World Investment and Trade, Vol. 8, April 2007

-  The WTO Treaty system and the Issue of Attribution, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 4, (December 2007)

Other Shorter Articles

-  The Starbucks/Ethiopian Coffee Saga: Geographical Indications as a Linchpin for Development in Developing Countries, NAI Policy Notes on Trade, No. 3, February (2008)

-  Effects of Rules of Origin on the European Union – Africa Economic Partnership Agreements: Summary of Issues, NAI Policy Notes on Trade No. 2, (October 2007)

-  The Development Dimension or Disillusion? The EU Development Policy Goals and the Economic Partnership Agreements, NAI Policy Notes on Trade No. 1, (October 2007)

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